blanket forts and smiles

I've certainly been away from the blog world lately since I've been slowly dipping my toes back into the working life. And though it may mean I post less, I still want to try to keep up with it as much as I can, so I never forget the simple moments that make up our life together.
Making blanket forts with this little one while her big sister is at school and Dad at work is almost an every day thing around  here.


taste testing

We usually always spend Rayne's P.D. days baking/eating yummy treats!


she said

rayne: "I want to be an animal doctor when I'm big."

"I want to be Harlow." 


house chalk board


Thanks to my mom at Celine's Painted Treasures , the girls each have one of these awesome house chalkboards to color on and move around from room to room! They are so much fun and super easy to DIY!


before school

as she heads back to school after a two week break. i'm sure going to miss having her around more!


the last days of twenty-fifteen

will be some for the books! on top of it being our first christmas with my little brother being ill, we had a loss of hydro on christmas eve, a green christmas morning and a ton of kilometres on the car from family visits, we all fell asleep before midnight on new years eve... and it was all worth it! i didn't take many photos over the last two weeks, but we will surely never forget the last days of twenty-fifteen!